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Is Aging A Disease?

(warning – philosophical rant ahead) Is aging a disease??    This question has been floating around quite a bit in the media lately;  it really is an important question and not merely a fun topic to bandy about in the philosophical … Continue reading

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“Death be Not Proud” – From the Antiaging Perspective.

Waxing in a philosophical mood, I thought I should “work up a shine” on the motivation behind this blog and the anti-aging drive in general. I’ve got a few interesting points for you to consider: Why does a fruit fly … Continue reading

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Think and “Shrink”. Thinness is a mind game

Is it all in the Jeans, or is it all in the mind?  Where is the true battle ground in weight loss and fitness? It has been frequently stated in the weight loss circles that your body has a certain “set … Continue reading

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Life is a Destination, not a Journey……

I always enjoy going against the grain, after all, isn’t that the way to stand out?  This post will certainly do just that.  It’s been accepted as good advice (even back to the ancient Chinese) to view life as a … Continue reading

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Truth in Daily Living

      “Early to bed and early to rise, and don’t you forget to exercise          Eat lots of fruit vegetables too, and some low fat meat is good for you.         Limit the starches, you know what they say, They’ll  “fill out”  … Continue reading

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A Devine Repast

With Thanksgiving day fast approaching, I felt that I should reflect with some insight on a famous section of the Bible.  One should never question the divine wisdom of the Lord.  When He gave that sermon on the Mount he knew … Continue reading

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Life In a BIG Way….

If you are a typical person 60 to 80 years old the chances are you’re younger than you think.  Inside that tired, ravaged, painfully bloated, wrinkly body lies the potential to regain the vigor of a person 20-30 years younger.  … Continue reading

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