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Motivating Yourself for Exercise: Brain Power trumps Willpower

Ok, there’s no denying that it’s sometimes very difficult to peel yourself up off that couch to start your walk or workout routine– even though you know that your health and well being require it.   That big blob of inertia just … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Confusion. The Hype May be Worse Than The Number

When people are asked to name a risk factor for heart disease, what do you think is the first thing that usually comes to mind? I’ll bet “high cholesterol” would be one of the top responses. But is this great … Continue reading

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Wonder Supplements You Don’t Want to Forget

What constitutes a wonder supplement?   How can we wade through the constant barrage of products that will radically and wondrously change our lives, and single out the few  that will be the most effective and realistic to add to our regimen?    … Continue reading

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No Progress? No Problem!

Are you still early into your diet or exercise plan and already beginning to lose that initial excitement and thrill of accomplishment?  Have you begun to “hit a plateau” and find your resolution to push on fading day by day?  … Continue reading

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A Warrior Readies for the Contest…

The Warrior dash is only one week away and I am chompin at the bit.  I have prepared for the event with this course – The Ninja Woodland Adventure.  Got my time down to 3.45 and I expect to tear up the … Continue reading

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What Energy Crisis?

Ok, you’re in your fifties or sixties, and you feel tired at the end of a long hard day, that is to be expected right?  Diminished levels of energy are normal for an old timer like you.  Well, that’s what … Continue reading

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The Most Important Supplement

On the great debate of supplement vs don’t supplement, which camp do reside in?  Do you insist on getting all of your nutrients by diet alone, or do you feel there is a quick fix available in a jar?  I … Continue reading

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