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Jet Fuel for your Workouts

Here is a pre workout concoction that will supercharge your workout sessions.   You will find it so effective you will wish you discovered it years ago!  (That was my reaction, anyway)   This blend  will increase your strength, delay your workout fatigue, decrease your post … Continue reading

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The Right Whey to Lose Weight

On the shelves of your local grocery store… Have you had your whey protein shake yet today?  If you aren’t using this amazingly effective (and good tasting) food source, you are missing out on a whole slew of rich benefits.  … Continue reading

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Your suit of armor

  It’s mid January and we’re at the height of cold and flu season, how would you like it if you could permanently banish these common ailments from your life?  Contrary to what you might hear, it can be done, … Continue reading

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