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Antiaging Works After All, Researchers Say…

Your chronological age and your physical age are two different things according to researchers, and it’s possible for two people of the same age to display a dramatically different rate of aging.  But should this really come as a big surprise?  If you are aware of … Continue reading

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Is Aging A Disease?

(warning – philosophical rant ahead) Is aging a disease??    This question has been floating around quite a bit in the media lately;  it really is an important question and not merely a fun topic to bandy about in the philosophical … Continue reading

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Fitness is Fun – Exorcise your “Exercise Demons”

“To workout or not to workout, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the body to suffer the pains, fatigue and anguish of outrageous aging, or to get up off your butt and by moving around, end them. – … Continue reading

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The Longevity Detectives – Aging is all in the Genes

Can you guess my age?  Just check out my telomeres… Why does a fruit fly live for only a few months, a mouse a couple years, a human 80 or so, and a turtle over 130?  What establishes these set … Continue reading

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Life In a BIG Way….

If you are a typical person 60 to 80 years old the chances are you’re younger than you think.  Inside that tired, ravaged, painfully bloated, wrinkly body lies the potential to regain the vigor of a person 20-30 years younger.  … Continue reading

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How Cluttered is Your Body’s Hard Drive?

One of the most insidious and destructive metabolic contributors to the aging process in our bodies is glycation, or as it is known in the medical community –  A.G.E ing.  This factor gets very little attention today but its effects are as accumulative … Continue reading

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Crack That Whip!

Today I’m going to lash out – always a fun thing to do – spewing fire, braids a cracking, and the target of my indignation:  fine actress Jamie Lee Curtis. She wrote an article on her blog on the Huffington … Continue reading

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I’m Fit, Therefore I Am :)

Quick question  –  Name a four letter word starting with the letter a that is the “product of a workout”.   If you are a fan of crossword puzzles I’m sure you’ve seen this one before.   The answer?  Why it’s ache, of course.  No challenge … Continue reading

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Caveman like Mastodon – Its good huh?

What is the most effective post-workout diet strategy?  Lately I’ve read a few advocates of fasting after a workout so that you can get an even greater burst of  human growth hormone and all the benefits that it brings.  While … Continue reading

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What Energy Crisis?

Ok, you’re in your fifties or sixties, and you feel tired at the end of a long hard day, that is to be expected right?  Diminished levels of energy are normal for an old timer like you.  Well, that’s what … Continue reading

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