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Antiaging Works After All, Researchers Say…

Your chronological age and your physical age are two different things according to researchers, and it’s possible for two people of the same age to display a dramatically different rate of aging.  But should this really come as a big surprise?  If you are aware of … Continue reading

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5 Simple Steps to Age REDUCTION

Antiaging has gotten a LOT of attention in recent years and it stands to reason.  As baby boomers and people of other countries slide inexorably into that “gray area” of life they naturally seek out anything they can find to … Continue reading

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Sugar Is Not Toxic, However…

Chances are you’re getting much more sugar than your body needs. A lot has been said lately on the evils of sugar overconsumption.  It seems to have replaced saturated fat as public enemy #1 for our health.  There is actually plenty … Continue reading

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The Sky is Not Unreachable

As a lifelong proponent of fitness and antiaging, I just love hearing stories of people who stretch and shatter the so-called limits mother nature has imposed upon us. Jack Lalanne towing 65 boats a mile on his sixtyfifth birthday, Johnny … Continue reading

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Antiaging, Antifading with Testosterone

Have you had your testosterone level checked recently? This hormone has a surprising degree of influence on your quality of living whether you are a man or woman, it is not merely an aphrodisiac as many people think. Testosterone is … Continue reading

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Exercise – Cut Your Time in Half

Yes, I know you hate to exercise. So do I – (particularly running), but the reality is that as you get older and start “packing on the luggage” it becomes clear that unless you start adding some activity to your … Continue reading

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Antiaging Supplements A-Z

As you all know, a well thought out supplement plan is an essential element in anyone’s health/antiaging program. I am no exception. Here is my own pill-poppin’personal power protocol. I’ve designed it after very extensive research and also some serious … Continue reading

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Fitness is Fun – Exorcise your “Exercise Demons”

“To workout or not to workout, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the body to suffer the pains, fatigue and anguish of outrageous aging, or to get up off your butt and by moving around, end them. – … Continue reading

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Calories – Less Equals More

This is a true “calo-restricted meal.   Austere, possibly bland, and maybe a bit unfulfilling, but the benefits of it can be astounding.   What’s exciting to know is that these benefits of profound calorie restricted meals can be made available to you … Continue reading

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Healthy Resolutions you can Keep

                                            “This time it’s gonna happen!”      The Holidays have arrived and that  “last evening”  is right around the corner, I’ll bet many of you have some new resolutions to enact after that jovial fest.   I certainly do –  this is the … Continue reading

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