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Healthy Eating: Good Crop – Bad Crop

From a pure health standpoint, which of these two salads do you think is the most nutritious? Now that’s a tough one ain’t it? Which one do you think represents the most typical one served up in a restaurant? (Hint … Continue reading

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Cold, Healthy and Delicious

Here’s a great new drink suggestion to try for the summer. I call it the Cherry Bomb. It’s the perfect choice if you need something cold and tasty on a hot day – and you also want a powerful health … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Does It Best…..

Walking my dog I caught the scent of grapes, so I looked over and saw these right within reach.  Naturally I grabbed a few for the trail.  I found out the place was loaded with them.  I’ll have to bring … Continue reading

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Free Radicals Come at a Cost…

By now you’ve probably heard of free radicals and and all of the evils they wreak on our bodies, and also the great hope we have with the antioxidants at our disposal.  Do you actually take advantage of these? Many people … Continue reading

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