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Sugar – A Burst of Negative Health Repercussions

How much sugar do you really get every day?  The answer might surprise you, though it’s through no fault of your own. Most people have heard of the “glycemic index” that is the rate at which sugar is absorbed, but … Continue reading

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Sugar Is Not Toxic, However…

Chances are you’re getting much more sugar than your body needs. A lot has been said lately on the evils of sugar overconsumption.  It seems to have replaced saturated fat as public enemy #1 for our health.  There is actually plenty … Continue reading

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Sugar “Fix?” Hardly

Here’s a nice looking pasta dish suggestion for those trying to shed the pounds, right?  The answer is nope.  Far from it.  Your enemy in your weight loss or anti-aging program is sugar, and it lurks in some of the … Continue reading

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