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Sugar Is Not Toxic, However…

Chances are you’re getting much more sugar than your body needs. A lot has been said lately on the evils of sugar overconsumption.  It seems to have replaced saturated fat as public enemy #1 for our health.  There is actually plenty … Continue reading

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Detox Charlatans – Don’t Fall For the Miracle Pitch

In certain health spas, and promoted by so-called health experts is the miracle program of “cleansing and detoxification”.  If you are contemplating it yourself, understand that this is a potentially risky undertaking, and the benefits to be gained by it … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Healthiest Foods

Every health advocate has their own favorite top ten list, but what are the ones that you can realistically use to fortify your diet on a day-to-day basis? In browsing the web, you might find that many nutritionists omit the factors … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating: Good Crop – Bad Crop

From a pure health standpoint, which of these two salads do you think is the most nutritious? Now that’s a tough one ain’t it? Which one do you think represents the most typical one served up in a restaurant? (Hint … Continue reading

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Warning – That Healthy Diet Can Kill YOU

Don’t laugh, this seeming contradiction is exactly what they’re telling us nowadays. In recent months we’ve seen an alarming rise in attacks (ok, “evaluations”) against foods and supplements that other more comprehensive studies have shown  to be the healthiest that you … Continue reading

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Fish Oil – Still The Healthy Choice

Have you heard the latest salvo fired by the “anti-supplement crowd”?  I refer to their review of a study linking Omega-3s to prostate cancer.  While I certainly favor  research investigating the safety of any of my favorite “babies”, a rational interpretation of the … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat, (or can find)

“Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a side order of fries in here?” I think this little fat flyer’s got a short life ahead of him, I saw him leap very laboriously up to that “meal chest.”  Too bad he decided … Continue reading

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Magnesium, The Great Relaxer

Top off your meal with a magnesium rich desert. There’s no doubt that today’s hard driving competitive world creates a lot of stress and tension and can really leave you feeling burnt out at times, but it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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Antiaging Supplements A-Z

As you all know, a well thought out supplement plan is an essential element in anyone’s health/antiaging program. I am no exception. Here is my own pill-poppin’personal power protocol. I’ve designed it after very extensive research and also some serious … Continue reading

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Olives – Tasty, Healthy, and Versatile

Those enjoying a Mediterranean diet got it right – lots of fish, wine, vegetables and olives.   Makes me hungry just thinking about it.   If you take the time to prepare meals with these ingredients you will be going a long way … Continue reading

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