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Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The dream usually starts out the same way:  I’m at some function waiting for the meal to be served and a waitress starts toward me with a huge plate and a tantalizing, dripping,  inch-thick ham steak on it.  She wends through the crowd … Continue reading

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Pomegranate – Superfood – Even in a glass by itself.

(Yes, that’s a corny title. 🙂   I love the title of another article I came across on the web:  “Male and Pregnant?  Stay away from Pomegranates!”  I suppose that if you find yourself in that category you may want … Continue reading

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A Devine Repast

With Thanksgiving day fast approaching, I felt that I should reflect with some insight on a famous section of the Bible.  One should never question the divine wisdom of the Lord.  When He gave that sermon on the Mount he knew … Continue reading

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Got Any “Grape Dip?”

  Try this little test.  Put out some fruit or vegetables on the table with a bowl of chips for family and friends to grab and munch on.  See for yourself which one disappears faster.  You might find that the surprising … Continue reading

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Eat Smart – By Eating What You WANT.

Wonderful news!  You tried out that diet everyone was raving about and guess what?  It worked!  The 20 pounds melted off just like they said it would.   Mission accomplished.    But the news gets even better, you actually got the job done with … Continue reading


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