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Opium – Your Key to Great Health (O.P.M)

Its a simple well known fact that your state of health and well being reflects the balance between the good things you eat and do vs the bad ones, so the key is to figure out a way to tolerably … Continue reading

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“Heavily Seasoned” Food for Thought – At The Market

Try this variation of the “word association” game.  Take a piece of paper and quickly write down the 8 or 10 most frequent foods that you eat.  What are your regulars?  What do you chow down on almost every day?  … Continue reading

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Eat Smart – By Eating What You WANT.

Wonderful news!  You tried out that diet everyone was raving about and guess what?  It worked!  The 20 pounds melted off just like they said it would.   Mission accomplished.    But the news gets even better, you actually got the job done with … Continue reading


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