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Warning – That Healthy Diet Can Kill YOU

Don’t laugh, this seeming contradiction is exactly what they’re telling us nowadays. In recent months we’ve seen an alarming rise in attacks (ok, “evaluations”) against foods and supplements that other more comprehensive studies have shown  to be the healthiest that you … Continue reading

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Fitness is Within Your Grasp…

My ten year old rottie-mix doesn’t have the puppy spunk that he once had, so I had to be a little  creative in getting him up off his haunches for exercise.  Rather than having him watch placidly as I threw … Continue reading

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Exercise Motivation Tips

Name yer poison. Either of these options will provide pleasure for you – though in a different way of course! I happen to be a strong advocate of both of these. I think there’s nothing better than a cold beer … Continue reading

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Life is a Destination, not a Journey……

I always enjoy going against the grain, after all, isn’t that the way to stand out?  This post will certainly do just that.  It’s been accepted as good advice (even back to the ancient Chinese) to view life as a … Continue reading

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Gimme Some Skin…….

                               Now that’s the way I like it! If your head is in the right place health wise and you’ve decided to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, please make sure you are getting some nutritional bang for … Continue reading

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Truth in Daily Living

      “Early to bed and early to rise, and don’t you forget to exercise          Eat lots of fruit vegetables too, and some low fat meat is good for you.         Limit the starches, you know what they say, They’ll  “fill out”  … Continue reading

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“Old-Years” Resolutions….

The holidays are right around the corner, why not try something a bit different this year?  Many of us make those grand resolutions at the start of the New Year, only to see them “phase out” around the beginning of … Continue reading

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