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Power Breakfast with TASTE

Did you have a hard workout last night but you want something more substantial than a smoothie for breakfast?  Are you headed out the door for work but want a real meal in a hurry?  Here’s the healthiest and tastiest one … Continue reading

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5 Simple Steps to Age REDUCTION

Antiaging has gotten a LOT of attention in recent years and it stands to reason.  As baby boomers and people of other countries slide inexorably into that “gray area” of life they naturally seek out anything they can find to … Continue reading

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Is Aging A Disease?

(warning – philosophical rant ahead) Is aging a disease??    This question has been floating around quite a bit in the media lately;  it really is an important question and not merely a fun topic to bandy about in the philosophical … Continue reading

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5 Underrated Benefits of Exercise

Everybody knows the importance of exercise is in controlling or losing weight, or in sculpting that powerful sexy body, but here are some surprising and often overlooked reasons why you really aught to get started….. Exercise increases intelligence.  The image of the … Continue reading

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Being Against ” Anti-Aging” is Getting Pretty Stale….

Yes, they desperately want to protect us from ourselves…   “just shut up and grow old!” An article entitled “10 things the Anti-Aging Industry won’t say” in the Wall Street Journal recently criticized the attempts of earnest people to mitigate the effects of … Continue reading

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Sugar – A Burst of Negative Health Repercussions

How much sugar do you really get every day?  The answer might surprise you, though it’s through no fault of your own. Most people have heard of the “glycemic index” that is the rate at which sugar is absorbed, but … Continue reading

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Health and Convenience – Diet with Foresight

I suppose I could have opted for a Filet-0-fish and French fries….. Do leftovers have to be a dreary alternative to enjoyable eating?  I say absolutely not!  But how much planning do we put into our lunches on a daily … Continue reading

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