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Motivating Yourself for Exercise: Brain Power trumps Willpower

Ok, there’s no denying that it’s sometimes very difficult to peel yourself up off that couch to start your walk or workout routine– even though you know that your health and well being require it.   That big blob of inertia just … Continue reading


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Exercise Motivation Tips

Name yer poison. Either of these options will provide pleasure for you – though in a different way of course! I happen to be a strong advocate of both of these. I think there’s nothing better than a cold beer … Continue reading

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Think and “Shrink”. Thinness is a mind game

Is it all in the Jeans, or is it all in the mind?  Where is the true battle ground in weight loss and fitness? It has been frequently stated in the weight loss circles that your body has a certain “set … Continue reading

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Mental Jiu Jitsu for Weight Loss

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jiu Jitsu – the art of self defense that’s gained a lot of popularity today in the sport of mixed martial arts.  It utilizes sophisticated principals of psysiology (far beyond simply punching or kicking someones face:)  that can … Continue reading

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