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What’s in “Store” for Your Health?

Any program you wish to undertake requires a bit of preparation, and a couple lousy minutes can sometimes save you a ton of aggravation…   I’m referring to your trips to the grocery store.   That’s where your true dietary battles will be … Continue reading


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Portion Distortion – an “Inflated” view of reality…

“I can’t understand why I’m not losing weight!  I eat exactly what they tell me to…..” As a former fitness trainer, and as life-long advocate for diet and fitness in general I have frequently heard this lament from those trying … Continue reading

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Got Any “Grape Dip?”

  Try this little test.  Put out some fruit or vegetables on the table with a bowl of chips for family and friends to grab and munch on.  See for yourself which one disappears faster.  You might find that the surprising … Continue reading

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