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Fitness Goals in Perspective

Look at the two athletes posed on their respective magazine covers; which one appears to be in the better physical condition?  Obviously it’s the man on the right, right?  Heck, the guy adorning the UFC magazine almost looks like the “before” … Continue reading


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Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The dream usually starts out the same way:  I’m at some function waiting for the meal to be served and a waitress starts toward me with a huge plate and a tantalizing, dripping,  inch-thick ham steak on it.  She wends through the crowd … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Aspect of Exercise? Probably Not.

As you’re clanging away on those weights or huffin it out on the trail, your body is producing a swarm of destructive little by products.  We all know them well, they go by the name of free-radicals.   They are harmful to … Continue reading

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I Shall Conquer…

 Heres another event that I’m considering.  http://runruckus.com/bos-course.html  Reminds me of the “Ninja Warrior” series on tv –  a great test of overall fitness, rather than just endurance.  The perfect thing for an old “dog” like me.  Hope to see you there (maybe they should … Continue reading

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