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The Three Secrets of Healthy Eating

Want to change your eating habits – painlessly?  It’s not hard at all if you first resolve these three issues. Understand what is healthy and what is not.  This is actually the easiest of the three.  Seriously, there is very … Continue reading

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The Great “Solution” for New Years Resolutions….

Why are people so fond of making grand resolutions this time of year?  It’s obviously because they hope that all the pomp and celebration of the occasion will create a sort of momentum to propel them into a new start, right?   A … Continue reading

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Detox Charlatans – Don’t Fall For the Miracle Pitch

In certain health spas, and promoted by so-called health experts is the miracle program of “cleansing and detoxification”.  If you are contemplating it yourself, understand that this is a potentially risky undertaking, and the benefits to be gained by it … Continue reading

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Antiaging, Antifading with Testosterone

Have you had your testosterone level checked recently? This hormone has a surprising degree of influence on your quality of living whether you are a man or woman, it is not merely an aphrodisiac as many people think. Testosterone is … Continue reading

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Exercise Motivation Tips

Name yer poison. Either of these options will provide pleasure for you – though in a different way of course! I happen to be a strong advocate of both of these. I think there’s nothing better than a cold beer … Continue reading

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Calories – Less Equals More

This is a true “calo-restricted meal.   Austere, possibly bland, and maybe a bit unfulfilling, but the benefits of it can be astounding.   What’s exciting to know is that these benefits of profound calorie restricted meals can be made available to you … Continue reading

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What’s in “Store” for Your Health?

Any program you wish to undertake requires a bit of preparation, and a couple lousy minutes can sometimes save you a ton of aggravation…   I’m referring to your trips to the grocery store.   That’s where your true dietary battles will be … Continue reading

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Think and “Shrink”. Thinness is a mind game

Is it all in the Jeans, or is it all in the mind?  Where is the true battle ground in weight loss and fitness? It has been frequently stated in the weight loss circles that your body has a certain “set … Continue reading

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Start a Good Meal Right

Traditions are often rooted in good dietary advice, but their full benefits may not be immediately apparent.  Take that little fruit salad presented before the big gourmet feast.  Why start with all that sugar you might ask?  Well, one reason … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland Workout

The snow necessitated a change in my running plans, so I decided to “make lemonade” as they say.  I then discovered my hardest workout to date – a quarter mile obstacle course run through 1-1/2 feet of snow.  I’m telling … Continue reading

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