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Health and Convenience – Diet with Foresight

I suppose I could have opted for a Filet-0-fish and French fries….. Do leftovers have to be a dreary alternative to enjoyable eating?  I say absolutely not!  But how much planning do we put into our lunches on a daily … Continue reading

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Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The dream usually starts out the same way:  I’m at some function waiting for the meal to be served and a waitress starts toward me with a huge plate and a tantalizing, dripping,  inch-thick ham steak on it.  She wends through the crowd … Continue reading

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Workout Multitasking part 2 – HIIT

Tough trail Crossfit is a great work out program, I think their routine (and concept) is about the most challenging I’ve encountered to date. It centers around the principle of high intensity interval training or HIIT, which has shown to … Continue reading

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“Fast Asleep” – Fast! How To Stop That Endless Tossing and Turning.

The list of debilitating effects of not getting enough Z’s just keeps growing and growing.  We hear now that it may be partly responsible for our inability to shed the pounds (excessive cortisol production).    It has a powerful adverse effect … Continue reading


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Grains can be Pains..

“MMMM – box lunch!   They say that if I add a little fiber to it, it will slow the absorption…” Sugar is the ultimate “comfort food“, as that is what pasta, bread and the other indulgences are composed of  primarily.   … Continue reading

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Misconceptions that Rip Us Off

                                                       “Definitely not the solution!” Why is it that so many people are still unsuccessful in their diet/health/fitness plans?  It certainly cannot be a lack of good information on those subjects – I’ll bet that any overweight person has read armloads of … Continue reading

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Eat Smart – By Eating What You WANT.

Wonderful news!  You tried out that diet everyone was raving about and guess what?  It worked!  The 20 pounds melted off just like they said it would.   Mission accomplished.    But the news gets even better, you actually got the job done with … Continue reading

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“Heavily Seasoned” Food for Thought on Exercise

Is this the bottom line –  you don’t exercise because you just simply hate to do it?   All that tiring, monotonous motion, just so that it gets a bit easier to do it next time;  it’s really a big pain … Continue reading

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Mind over Platter

“Step right this way, or grab your mouse and order my new Miraculous 5 minute guaranteed fat burner/shredder and watch yourself slim down in just 7 days!  Your friends won’t even recognize you its that darn effective!”  Now who would … Continue reading

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