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NEW Workout Routine for Crossfit, etc.

     What do the two pictures above have in common?  Both show tools for  progressive workout intensity.  If you use the primal option on the left, you might find a benefit not shown in any other exercise.  And its just too … Continue reading

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5 Unblievably Easy Ways to Instantly Look and Feel Younger.

  You see that picture of yourself at the office or at a party and think how aged you look in it.  (“Why didn’t anybody tell me?”)  Or you’re starting your walk or run and just  don’t have any spring or … Continue reading

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Get More From Your Workouts

There’s nothing worse than busting your butt with the weights or on the trail and having very little to show for it, right?   If you’ve been working out for a while now and you’re getting mighty tired of seeing … Continue reading

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Fitness is Fun – Exorcise your “Exercise Demons”

“To workout or not to workout, that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the body to suffer the pains, fatigue and anguish of outrageous aging, or to get up off your butt and by moving around, end them. – … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland Workout

The snow necessitated a change in my running plans, so I decided to “make lemonade” as they say.  I then discovered my hardest workout to date – a quarter mile obstacle course run through 1-1/2 feet of snow.  I’m telling … Continue reading

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Resolutions into Reality

“It’s a brand new year and I’m so frikin excited I could explode!”   As a motivator I love to hear words like that.  Why?  Because for one thing they are true.   And truth is great.  But stepping down to reality … Continue reading

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Misconceptions that Rip Us Off

                                                       “Definitely not the solution!” Why is it that so many people are still unsuccessful in their diet/health/fitness plans?  It certainly cannot be a lack of good information on those subjects – I’ll bet that any overweight person has read armloads of … Continue reading

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Pumpin’ Iron – And Your Neurons Too!

Ok, here’s another “fairly important” reason why you want to start that workout program as soon as possible:  exercise increases your intelligence.  forget about images of the dull-witted muscle bound clod, that is a myth.  People who exercise regularly are … Continue reading

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Caveman like Mastodon – Its good huh?

What is the most effective post-workout diet strategy?  Lately I’ve read a few advocates of fasting after a workout so that you can get an even greater burst of  human growth hormone and all the benefits that it brings.  While … Continue reading

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