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Antiaging Works After All, Researchers Say…

Your chronological age and your physical age are two different things according to researchers, and it’s possible for two people of the same age to display a dramatically different rate of aging.  But should this really come as a big surprise?  If you are aware of … Continue reading

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5 Unblievably Easy Ways to Instantly Look and Feel Younger.

  You see that picture of yourself at the office or at a party and think how aged you look in it.  (“Why didn’t anybody tell me?”)  Or you’re starting your walk or run and just  don’t have any spring or … Continue reading

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The Sky is Not Unreachable

As a lifelong proponent of fitness and antiaging, I just love hearing stories of people who stretch and shatter the so-called limits mother nature has imposed upon us. Jack Lalanne towing 65 boats a mile on his sixtyfifth birthday, Johnny … Continue reading

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Olives – Tasty, Healthy, and Versatile

Those enjoying a Mediterranean diet got it right – lots of fish, wine, vegetables and olives.   Makes me hungry just thinking about it.   If you take the time to prepare meals with these ingredients you will be going a long way … Continue reading

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Free Radicals Come at a Cost…

By now you’ve probably heard of free radicals and and all of the evils they wreak on our bodies, and also the great hope we have with the antioxidants at our disposal.  Do you actually take advantage of these? Many people … Continue reading

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What Energy Crisis?

Ok, you’re in your fifties or sixties, and you feel tired at the end of a long hard day, that is to be expected right?  Diminished levels of energy are normal for an old timer like you.  Well, that’s what … Continue reading

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Aging Gracefully, or Wasting Away Without a Fight…

We are often told to “age gracefully”, meaning to accept the inevitable with dignity and class.  Some say that the visible signs of aging are badges of respect, and limitations that we have earned.  I say hogwash.  When has humankind … Continue reading

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