This is for serious athletes who want to push it to a higher  level.   If you want to get  into real shape this is the one for you.  I train like a cage fighter,  my workouts are very intense and designed to get you into the best overall shape of your life.    Up to the challenge?   Like Drago said in that “Rocky” movie    “I must break you….


Here are some very often overlooked and misunderstood basics about serious physical training.

    1.  Always concentrate on the larger muscle groups first.  Whether you are just warming up, or right into your hardest routines, working the large muscle groups provides the most benefit.  This means that a squat will provide better returns than leg extensions, and the clean and press will provide larger gains than any other exercise.  So keep this in mind if you are doing pilates, or trying to isolate certain muscles for definition.  They certainly have their value,  but for conditioning, strength, appearance or simple overall health working the big groups is best.

    2.  Lactic acid is your friend.  Can you name a more misunderstood chemical?  Lactic acid is a critical form of energy, it is the preferred fuel of the heart.  Lactic acid is partially metabolized glucose, it is formed when insufficient oxygen is available to present pyruvate to the citris acid cycle for energy production.  However, it is readily converted back to fuel (and used up mighty fast)  as soon as the oxygen is returned.  It is therefore very beneficial thing to have floating around.  How do you take advantage of it?  By pushing yourself well into the lactic acid threshold,  by doing some rapid fire sets without rest.  I often finish a workout with a “super-set”  that is with bench press to exhaustion followed immediately with pushups till I virtually collapse.  Routines like this work to extend the period that you can lift without getting bogged down by the lactic acid.  Also, you should shake out your arms and legs  after a hard routine, this will help pump that lactic acid to other muscles (and your heart) where it can be readily used up; this  is one of the keys to extended anaerobic exertion.

    3.  30 minutes before and immediately after your workout be sure to supplement with some carbs and some whey protein.  The carbs will replenish that glycogen that you burned off, and the whey will deliver the best quality protein to the muscles when they need it most.  The whey will also ensure that you don’t have that precipitous drop in your immunity that follows a hard session.     See

    4.  Be sure to stretch lightly before the hard workout, but have a light warm up first.  Stretching a cold muscle is risky and counterproductive.  The stretch after the workout is more important, because you will then challenge it’s actual limits, and thus prevent injuries on your following workouts.    Good Luck!


Many other bloggers and physical trainers have their favorite little playlist they listen to when working out to stimulate themselves to higher plateaus.    I have my own of course, and here is one of my favorite songs for attacking the weights…      Its a nice gentle workout melody called the Ace of Spades.     3 minutes of tranquility to move to……

Another one to push that limit:

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