Hello.  I’m Warren Dostie, the author of this blog and your age reduction specialist!  I am 57 years old and I have been on a special antiaging protocol since the mid nineties.  I have developed and tailored this plan in the intervening years and I wish for everyone to be able to share in my success.

As an “age reductionist” the goal is not the denial of aging as a reality of life, but simply the resetting of our physical condition to that of a younger state, so that we can enjoy all of the benefits that youthful vitality can convey.  My training is in physical fitness and diet/supplementation.  I follow the latest breaking research and utilize proven methods to make their findings available to you in a “user friendly” fashion.  I will show you ways to realize tangible results in a very short time.

So please check back regularly, there  will be frequent updates.   What have you got to lose except a few years or maybe a couple extra pounds?

Here is an introductory page:

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