Think of a time when you were much more fit than you are now.  A time when you had more energy, a sharper mind, were lighter on your feet and had none of those nagging pains that you have now.  You may or may not have been on an exercise plan etc.,  but one thing is certain – you were much younger.    The inescapable fact is that we all age, and Nature will take it’s toll.    But lets stop right there.     The fact that we do not have complete control over aging should not blind us to the fact that we DO have profound control.    And this goes far beyond just “getting into shape”, or “losing weight” as is the goal of most people.    You have control over the actual mechanisms of aging itself,  and and this means that you can actually relive that younger more vibrant era.    I realize that this is a pretty big assertion, but as you will see I provide extensive proof and documentation to support it.  The winner here is you, and it is the goal of my posts to help you make that change.  Why not give it a try?   

In this section I want to show you the ways you can reverse the symptoms of aging, while you attack some of those underlying causes.   You can select which area you wish to address.  Some of my methods are common, some not, but all will prove effective for you.

Do you have difficulty motivating yourself to diet or exercise?  See the catagories section on the right for help.

Have you seem to lost your mental sharpness and that instant memory you once had?  See:

Do you have nagging pain and limitation from arthritis?  See:   (coming in May)

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